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Welcome to my little spot on the internet!
I'm a nostalgic mama, photographer, mentor & 

Hey there!

and I'm pretty sure that sunday mornings were made for sleeping in...
but my kids disagree...

+ I'm pretty darn proud of my Scottish heritage. Scotland is my dream vacation spot.

+ I live for those school hot lunch days. Sadly, in the world of covid, they don't seem to exist anymore

+ I get more cleaning done in the hour before my guests arrive for a visit, than I do all week.

+ I love going to kickboxing class, anything Marvel, Harry Potter or Games of Thrones and weight training.

+ I recently got a puppy. His name is Moxley and he was born in April 2020.

+ I'm a mom to two (6 & 8) and an Auntie to many!

quick facts about me

photography tips for moms

Wouldn't it be great if you could take nicer photos with your phone? 

I have some tips for you!

Find beauty in your

My favourite time of the day to take photos is about 90 minutes before sunset, or just after sunrise.

The light is so golden, soft and pretty!!

If I can't make that work - there's some tips for finding nice light, even when the sun is high in the sky and super unflattering..

Open shade. Keep reading to learn more!


Lighting is going to have the biggest influence on your final image.

You want to look for even light, from head to toe. The best place to find this, is in open shade. 

You want to place your subject in the shade, but make sure when they look up - they can still see the sky

the magic is in the 

Even light in the background is a go to, as well.

Sun filtering through trees can create spotty looking light. Y

Make sure these spots aren't on your subjects face, by turning their back to the sun.

Let's talk background

Anything will reflect light... grass, pavement, water ect...

You want to find something netural coloured, so the colour doesn't bounce back onto your subjects face.

Grass is notorious for adding a green cast to skin tones.

For me, this isn't an issue as I can edit to correct that. 
But, for you - you're going to want to try an avoid it by finding pavement, or a gravel path.

use a natural refelctor

You know you're beautiful, important and valued too, right?

Hand that camera off to someone and get in the picture.

I always say that one day, images will be all we have and your kids are going to want to see you. They won't care that your hair wasn't perfect, or that you looked tired.

All they will see is just how much you loved them.

hand the phone to someone else

The portrait experience remains focused on your connection with your loved ones, and what you like to do together.

It is my belief that through allowing children freedom during sessions, and plenty of playtime we will capture their authentic selves.
But I also appreciate the importance of posed, everyone smile at the camera images.
In my experience, when children are given plenty of time to play through the session, the posed images are a lot easier to get.

We'll create some stunning portraits, and have fun while doing so!

A portrait photographer focused on helping mamas
slow down and savor every moment

Danielle Marie

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