Kiddo’s & The Portrait Experience


September 29, 2020

Hey there fellow photographers, and parents, too!

Do you struggle or worry about how little ones are going to react to having their photos taken? I hear you!

My kids are 7, and almost 5 now – so they pretty much know and understand what I expect of them. But, that doesn’t always mean they are going to do what I would like, and neither will client’s kiddos. The number one piece of advice that I can give parents and photographers alike is to adjust your expectations! For many little ones, portrait time is a high pressure environment. They’ve been brought to a new place, and a new person is there.

Adjust your expectations…. Incorporate play into the session. Almost every family will tell me that they want to capture their child’s genuine personality. This is great! But to do this, we can’t ask the child to sit, and smile for a camera. We have to let the child be authentically, them.

So, prepare for a lot of your session to incorporate play and exploration. Yes, we will do posed, everyone look at smile shots. But, if we follow your little ones lead, we are much more likely to be successful in getting those poses.

My little girl, Isabelle is particularly interesting to work with!

When you book your portrait experience with me, you receive an awesome guide with all my tips and tricks as well as styling information!

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