Paletta Mansion Sister Session


June 10, 2019

Hey Friends!

One thing I don’t talk about a lot is giving back to our amazing community! This is something I try to do as often as I can. One of the perks of being self employed is that I have the ability to give back in places that matter to me. So, I was super happy to be able to donate a gift certificate to my son’s school for a raffle.

Little did I know – the gift certificate I donated would bring me such an amazing photographic opportunity. When Brenda contacted me to discuss the session, she let me know that her older daughter Amy, loves to dance. It just so happens that she and my daughter use the same studio – Not Just Another Dance Studio… I can’t say enough fantastic things about the studio, but that’s a whole other post!

Amy brought along her pointe shoes and her stunning tutu and leotard, and we captured some really gorgeous shots!

After, we were able to explore more of the grounds at Paletta Mansion and capture some super sweet sister portraits!

Did you know there’s a secret to looking great, while walking on camera? These two NAILED IT!! I’m proud that while my sessions appear simply effortless – there’s coaching that goes into everything, to get that effortless look!

And of course, their individual portraits came out stunning!

While the path that runs alongside Paletta Mansion is one of my favourite locations – I just love the warmth and the tones… there was more beauty to be found closer to the mansion itself – Blossoms!!! One of the biggest photography trends right now, which makes total sense seeing as they are so beautiful.

  1. Val Patterson says:

    beautiful photos !!

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